Early Map of Middle Tennessee                                                                                             Approx. 10"x20"

Grooms Over Nashville  


Wooden Etcetera

Painted Pine Box using box joints                              6"x6"x11"

Three tool box/display pieces based on actual businesses located in Nashville in the

mid-nineteenth century;

Millinery Display, 60"x24"x18"

Carpenter's Chest, 25"x14"x14"

Cobbler's Box, 15"x12"x8 with antique cobbler's tools.

The two alphabet strips are hand-painted on second-hand wood found by the side of the road, another favorite source of raw material. Each strip, 48"x6".

Red border purchased new at The Home Depot.

      I Killed The Bank      


Art, Objects & Antiquities

A collection of gift boxes used for various occasions and in most cases more valuable than the gifts they held. My wife, Severina, enjoys visiting lighthouses and I enjoy making her smile by building a box that lets us revisit the memory. Average size, 16"x12"x12".

The boxes are displayed on a garden table made from rough-cut aged wood purchased at an estate sale, the origin of much of my raw material. 23"x23"x24".

Pork                                                            18"x30"x30"

       Juliette, Ga.      


Solid wood (poplar) Christmas Ornaments; hand-cut, painted to your specifications

Channel Cat Cafe                                                                                                                 46"x18"